CRYPKYP Utility and Benefits

Up-to-date Crypto Information

We are gathering information from different sources types - News and Media sites, Telegram groups and channels, Twitter, Several Blockchain Alert sites and platforms, hourly data for cryptocurrencies, and daily data for fiat currencies, precious metals, company stocks. Additionally, we are using yearly and monthly data for Nationality-based functionalities - GDP, Population, Salary, etc. That all is represented on CRYPKYP inside Dashboard Panels and Calculator. And last but most importantly - we are creating our analysis data and related content defined on CYPKYP Medium, Cryptocurrencies, and Crypto Persons.

CRYPKYP Statuses

To become a Commoner simple Bot Action is required in our Discord to ensure that no bad actors are part of our community. Everybody will be able to register at their will and get Commoner Status in the future.
Influencers and Administrators are given when they have a Commoner Status and complete different types of tasks. Follow us and stay tuned for more functionalities and Statuses as the project develops.

CRYPKYP's inner functionalities are based on several different User Statuses (Roles), so every more advanced User Status has more control over the Look and Feel of CRYPKYP. Additionally, the Platform will unlock more sections for you. Registering a user requires only a MetaMask browser extension or Mobile application installed - We've divided Statuses for the launch of the CRYPKYP platform to be the following:

  • Status Visitor - CRYPKYP is a public platform, and all its content is available for everyone. All can download a screenshot of the current panels and their information. Visitors can change the title, the right social panel, and button text and hide them. However, CRYPKYP will default all the values on every page load, as there is no profile to save them.
  • Status Commoner - Users registered with CRYPKYP will have the ability to save everything they've changed onto Dashboard Panels. The database will send the last stored values for all the fields on every page load. The core for Commoner is the utility is that everyone can create their template for every Dashboard Panel on CRYPKYP's landing page. And their Dashboards can be shared through their unique link, additionally for others to download screenshots from their panels.
  • Status Influencer - Users will be able to customize every panel by changing the color of text and links and the background as a solid color or an image from our preselected gallery (all media inside our gallery is taken from In addition, Influencer doesn't see the CRYPKYP logo in the bottom middle part of Dashboard Panels so that they can have a lovely clean template explicitly done for their audience. Also, they receive the ability to change CRYPKYP's general look and feel with additional animations and settings. And last but one of the essential functionalities is the Load More button, which gives the ability to get precisely the correct data for the screenshot.
  • Status Administrator - Users that are the current top tier in CRYPKYP Statuses have every capability possible on the Platform. That includes, in addition to Influencers: The ability to right-click on CRYPKYP, so all information (text/images/videos) is easily accessible and can be pasted or saved elsewhere. Also, they have the option to send us their logo and background images so that we can integrate them specifically for every Dashboard Panel separately, so the look and feel will be their own, but with our information onto them. In addition, Administrators have a special section that is accessible - CRYPKYP Assets - there you can find all of our images, videos, audios, etc., used on the Platform, with filtration, to be easily identified on what was used.

Nationality-based Information

We've added Nationality-based functionalities and equations so that everybody can view the information on CRYPKYP based on their current IP address. That includes all the formulas and equations that the Platform makes to give values based on the IP country of origin.

CRYPKYP Calculator

Our calculator is a result of all the data we've collected behind the scenes - cryptocurrency, fiat, nationality-based, precious metals, and company stocks. It's a simple filtration and calculation tool that allows users to see all cryptocurrency data we've gathered in different cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, precious metals, and company stocks and for other countries. This will produce the same results that are in 'Cryptocurrencies' as equations but mixed with what the user has selected. And all that in a simple formatted table. More in Calculator.


This website includes information about cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments, brokers, exchanges, and other entities trading such instruments. You should carefully consider whether you understand how these instruments work and can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. CRYPKYP encourages you to perform your research before making any investment decision and avoid investing in any financial instrument that you do not fully understand how it works and the risks involved.