CRYPKYP Mission and Vission

Why KYP?

Keep Yielding Profit, a.k.a. KYP, is our motto and core ideology. We firmly believe that everyone who has enough information about the things that can make a profit (in our case, Crypto as a whole) and use that info to make a profit will surely like to sing our motto in his head all day long. We will try to do our best to give that information on the CRYPKYP platform in a manner that is best suited for everybody's needs.

You may be a CryptoBaby, CryptoProSelfThinker, or a Hardcore CypherPunk; no matter the level you are on, we are sure that you will find the correct information for you with CRYPKYP.

What is CRYPKYP?

CRYPKYP is a small team of crypto enthusiasts who want to provide the necessary information to all who are just entering the crypto world and those who are well acquainted but want to quickly and efficiently handle everything that happens every day. CRYPKYP, in two words, is a "Library" and "Media" Platform. Library in the sense of keeping a large amount of diversified information, and Media in the intention of creating, collecting, and publishing everything that we can get our hands-on. As per our motto, we store data for people to use as a basis for KYP. CRYPKYP comes from combining Crypto with our motto and making a slogan from it: “Crypto Information to Keep Yielding Profit.”

As for the second place, we've developed the idea for every user to be able to customize their Dashboard Panels, so they can have a different look and feel on their Landing Page of CRYPKYP. Also - publish screenshots of them when and however they want - with the right information.

In particular, if you have a channel full of people like us - Crypto enthusiasts, or you are an influencer and don't have the easy and quick ability to take the right kind of information and give it to your audience and have it look with your colors and text and social channels - you can easily do it on CRYPKYP - with a single click of a button.

CRYPKYP is not and will never be an advertising platform for a specific User, Team, or Company. We are giving others a platform to advertise with up-to-date Crypto information.

What type of people we are?

What we design and produce is what we value and believe. And if we say that we never make mistakes, it will be a lie. And to say that we are advisors in any way is also not true. To say also that we are journalists, influencers, or Media Gurus is also a lie.

We are Crypto enthusiasts that started with the idea: "to collect (some crucial for us) information in a more organized way." But as it goes, we've done better. We've designed and built a platform that is light, easy to read, filled with bold colors, and quirky visuals to create a truly captivating experience. And from there has come the KYP part of all - we want to share all that, so all else like us, a.k.a. YOU, can use it in their profitable way.

And we are stopping with the exquisite words ;) We are a young team (approximately 35ish) and young Crypto Holders and Crypto Book-wormers. We don't have any "Really Successful" projects behind our back, and it's not that we haven't tried several. We hope you will help us make CRYPKYP the first of many.

As per the writing of this content, we are few, and keeping up that much work and publishing all that has not been easy. We hope that You who read this paper want to help us grow and become part of our team. If yes, please read more in Utility or Contact Us. Detailed information can be found in our Discord.

Why did we create CRYPKYP?

It was said that the sole idea was to store information for us, but we've brainstormed and upgraded the idea for a bigger picture - to be public for all other users like us to view and store what they like. And what better way to do it in an organized and straightforward platform on an open-source basis.

We also created CRYPKYP because we had enough of people that were trying or, in some cases, were successful, to steal from us, scam us, take advantage of us, be used, and so on. Our primary drive will always be truthful and do the opposite of all those not-so-good thinking people. And we believe that when you do something good and innocent and have inside it those core values, success will follow.

What are our goals?

Our first goal is not to become rich and famous but to make something sustainable and grow a great community, which will help us shape the project in the future. As much as we want everything to be easy and smooth, it's quite the opposite - it's tough to keep up with all that is going on with the Crypto World, аdditionally to publish all that onto the Platform. Also, there is still future development, more content writing, more design, and animation work, trying to keep all our social media tidy and organized, and to answer, support, and keep our community happy.


This website includes information about cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments, brokers, exchanges, and other entities trading such instruments. You should carefully consider whether you understand how these instruments work and can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. CRYPKYP encourages you to perform your research before making any investment decision and avoid investing in any financial instrument that you do not fully understand how it works and the risks involved.