Web3 endeavor Reli3f has raised almost $1.5 million to help Ukrainians

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Web3 endeavor Reli3f has raised almost $1.5 million to help Ukrainians

Web3 endeavor Reli3f has raised almost $1.5 million to help Ukrainians
1650188893 17 Apr / 09:48

The Web3 community has accorded this initiative high praise for its altruistic aims from its inception in the days following the commencement of the conflict.

Thursday saw the debut of Reli3f's second nonfungible token (NFT) collection, which raised over $300,000 for recognized Ukrainian organizations, bringing their total amount raised to over $1.5 million.

Satvik Sethi, Andrew Wang, Giovanni Gussen, Aleksandra Artamonovskaja, Raskalov, and developer SignorCrypto founded Reli3f in late February of this year to illustrate the huge philanthropic potential of NFTs for social good by uniting the talents of 62 artists from across the globe.

As indicated by the Gnosis multi-signature wallet, the team distributed the initial collection’s funds to various organizations, including 46.25 Ether (ETH) to Razom for Ukraine, Serhiy Prytula Foundation, Valery Sozanovsky Headquarters, and CEO Club. The royalty fund donated an extra 40 ETH evenly to Outright Action International and Web3 For Africans in Ukraine.

With the publication of a second series, the team reaffirmed their commitment to helping the cause, building on the momentum and cultural advocacy of their first collection, which featured prominent artists such as fvckrender, Clon, and Danny Cole.

Drop 2 included Reli3f team member Aleksandra Artamonovskaja, the inventor of the Coolman Universe, Danny Casale, and music sensation Sia under her identity Bianca ‘de Medici, among other others.

According to Sethi, just five of the thirty-seven artists featured in the premiere collection chose to retain their earnings royalties. In those cases, it was purely to send monies to Ukrainian family members or improve personal conditions.

All remaining donations were dispersed back into the charity’s coffers, a practice repeated with the second collection.

From a generative algorithmic piece based on the artist’s unique hash seed as in Gavin Li’s ‘Motherland,’ to a defiantly symbolic photograph depicting a righteous protester during the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine in February 2014 in Den Didenko’s ‘Ray of freedom out of darkness,’ to a visually playful, thematically intricate wimmelbilderbuch as seen in Sergius’ ‘Revelation,’ Drop 2 displayed a variety of artistic

Tom Farren, a tech writer for Cointelegraph, chatted with Aleksandra Artamonovskaja, Satvik Sethi, and Andrew Wang to learn more about the project’s roots, and artists’ willingness to join, and Reli3f’s future among operationally agile concepts for the decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs).

Recognizing the incidence of gas wars in Drop 1, the team chose to modify the rules for Drop 2, launching a blind-mint open edition in which interested parties may acquire as many as they wished within fifteen minutes for 0.05 ETH each.

During the minting period, Drop 2 raised a total of 86 ETH, equivalent to $260,000, and has subsequently exchanged an additional 21 ETH on OpenSea as of the time of writing.

Artamonovskaja: “Between mid-January and mid-February, I was depressed in Ukraine because reading the news and seeing what people were writing was a bit unsettling. Then, I recall the day my father returned and gave me this set of pastels and black paper. I’ve dabbled in photography and glitch art in the past, but I haven’t used pastels since middle school.

“One day, I was feeling down, so I began to draw. One of the collectors who follow me on Instagram commented, “If you mint this, I’ll purchase it.” I was like, “What the heck?” These two pieces were subsequently sold on OpenSea for 0.25 ETH apiece.

Her piece for Reli3f’s Drop 2, titled “Alba Dreaming of Home,” was inspired by a stencil mural of a dog in her hometown as well as Banksy’s infamous “Balloon Girl” and aimed to capture the sadness of displacement and lack of belonging through the eyes of a domestic companion so integral to many modern families.

Speaking from personal experience as a citizen of Ukraine, Artamonovskaja warned, “Without impetus, the war might get entrenched in our country and become a norm. We want this to stop so people may return home and begin rebuilding.”

After observing the viral publicity, Sethi claimed that “loads of artists were coming out to us saying, ‘why didn’t you ask us to be a part of this?'”

Sethi also explained that Drop 2 was “a month in the making” and that, unlike the first collection, “we didn’t put ourselves a time limit” to enable the creative process to unfold naturally.

The proliferation of Web3 digital communities, initially on Clubhouse and now mostly on Twitter, has enabled the occurrence of what Wang calls the “power of network effects.” In other words, influencers and luminaries’ easily available and fast scalable potential to stimulate social and cultural innovation in the sector.

Specifying the principles of both investment and social DAOs, Wang provided the insightful perspective that DAOs “don’t have to exist forever, or for the long-term,” adding that “sometimes, DAOs can be effective at putting out a use case or doing something toward a specific goal at a specific moment, and then disband or slow down until they are needed again.”

Constitution DAO was a prominent example of an organization created only to acquire the United States Constitution. Although their first attempt was unsuccessful, they could use the oscillating nature of their concept to remodel if necessary.

In light of this mindset, he closed the talk by stating, “I believe Reli3f can help construct the future, but it does not have to be the future.”

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