Pierre Poilievre - a Bitcoin User

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The next opposition leader in Canada is a Bitcoin user

Pierre Poilievre - a Bitcoin User
Pierre Poilievre - a Bitcoin User / Image Credit: CRYPKYP
1663062707 13 Sep / 09:51

Pierre Poilievre, a prominent Canadian politician and crypto champion, has become the leader of Canada's Conservative Party, poised to give the present administration a run for its money in the upcoming federal election.

The pro-crypto politician allegedly won the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada in a landslide on September 10, garnering 68.15 percent of the available electoral points and considerably outperforming his closest rival Jean Charest, who garnered only 16.07 percent of the vote.

Poilievre joined the Conservative Party in 2003 and was elected to office for the first time in 2004. Since then, he has spent seven times as a member of Parliament and occupied numerous positions, including Shadow Minister for Finance and Minister of Employment and Social Development.

Poilievre is well-known as a proponent of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC), who advocates for more financial independence via tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized finance.

In light of his recent appointment, Canadians may ultimately be able to vote for a pro-crypto leader in the next federal election, which is scheduled to occur on or around October 20, 2025, to decide the 45th Canadian Prime Minister.

In January of this year, Poilievre asked Canadians to elect him as their next prime minister so he could “make Canada the blockchain capital of the world.”

In March, YouTube channel BITCOIN published a video showing Poilievre’s support for crypto at Tahinis Restaurant during his leadership election campaign, stating, “We must maintain cryptocurrencies legally.”

“People should have the option to use alternative currencies. If the government is going to mistreat our currency, we should be able to utilize alternative, higher-quality currency.”

He also briefly discussed proposals for simplifying crypto taxes, rules, and regulations so Canadian legislation would be uniform.

Using the Lightning Network, he purchased chicken shawarma in the same video.

However, Poilievre has provided few ideas about how his party would execute the regulation and acceptance of crypto if it were to oust the Liberal party of incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Conservative Party of Canada now owns 16 of 105 seats in the Senate and 119 of 338 seats in the house of commons, while Trudeau’s Liberal administration is a minority with 160 seats in the house of commons.

To create a majority administration in the House of Commons, at least 170 seats are required.

In 2014, Canada entered the global market for digital assets when its Parliament established a national law on digital currencies.

In August this year, the Canadian regulatory council introduced a new preregistration file for cryptocurrency platforms.

According to the Bank of Canada Financial System Review published in June 2022, a very small fraction of Canadians presently has BTC, with 13% of Canadians holding some in 2021, up from 5% in 2020.

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