Rigel Protocol is launching a new NFTs collection with a one-of-a-kind price

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Rigel Protocol is launching a new NFTs collection with a one-of-a-kind price

Rigel Protocol is launching a new NFTs collection with a one-of-a-kind price
Source: BitcoinCom
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Finally, with its initial NFTs Collections for each unique DApp on the platform, Rigel Protocol is ready to join the NFTs Buzz (SmartSwap, GiftDApp and LaunchPad). After the NFT sales are concluded, NFTs will be available for purchase at the Rigel Protocol NFT Marketplace or claimable on Rigel Protocol DApps.

The Rigel Protocol Collections will be different from most of the NFTs that are now taking place in the Defi ecosystem. Because NFTs will not just be coined and worthless images placed on the market for you to hold while they shine in your wallets.

The Rigel Protocol NFTs will be backed by Proof of Work and will have a large number of use cases built around them, providing them significant value. The NFT Launch will begin with the primary NFTs versions on the SmartSwap, GiftDApp, and LaunchPad applications on both Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Networks, as our active community prefers.

SmartSwap, the platform’s core exchange where users can simply trade several tokens on BSC, Polygon, and Oasis, will unveil its first NFT Collection of 8,175 unique NFTs. The SmartSwap program also includes Liquidity Mining pools with popular tokens such as CAKE, AXS, ROSE, MATIC, SHIB, and others with high yields.

The GiftDApp decentralized application is linked to another NFT collection of only 11,331 unique NFTs. Users can enter to win prizes and send gifts to their friends and followers through the app. Other DeFi ventures and Crypto influencers can give back to their communities and supporters while growing their following and engagement.

Only 2,505 unique NFTs will be launched for the Launchpad NFTs. The Rigel Protocol Launchpad Platform assists new DeFi Projects in gaining traction and funding in the highly competitive Blockchain market. At the same time, participating projects have access to the platform’s large community and the Rigel Protocol team’s full assistance.

The NFTs will be worth between $75 and $7,500.

Rigel Protocol NFTs won’t just sit in your wallet collecting dust. It will be active NFTs that will play a variety of functions on our Dapps and serve a variety of purposes. In addition, all NFTs holders from our first NFTs collections will receive free NFTs when our next NFTs collection is released.

  • Rigel Protocol NFTs are backed by Proof of Work since they can be purchased or claimed on DApps at any moment in the future by highly engaged users who keep the DApp ecosystem running.
  • NFT Automated Liquidity: Most NFTs in the Defi Space leaves do not support quick NFT exchange. This will not be the case with Rigel Protocol NFTs. Within minutes, NFTs could be readily traded for stable tokens.
  • Rigel Protocol will deploy a number of new products that will build a job ecosystem for Rigel Project supporters, including the use of NFTs on Rigel Jobs.
  • NFT holders can take advantage of these opportunities to earn money and generate additional passive income.
  • All holders of our first NFT Collections (SmartSwap, GiftDApp, and Launchpad) will receive free future NFTs from any collections launched Farming Pools Using NFTs: NFT Farming Pools will be formed for NFT holders who want to stake their tokens in exchange for RGP pool rewards.
  • NFT Rental: Not everyone is interested in working at Rigel Jobs or doing jobs there. NFTs can simply be lent out to other users for use, with the owner of the NFT earning a fee during that period.
  • The Rigel Protocol First NFT collections will also play a key role in our strategy Play to Earn Game and Metaverse World, which will be released later this year.
  • NFT awards from NFTpad sales: At the conclusion of each sale on the Rigel Protocol NFTpad, all NFT holders will receive rewards in either NFTs or stable tokens.
  • NFT Governance Dashboard: The NFT Governance Dashboard will be used to offer proposals for any future modifications to the NFT ecosystem.

For a fast overview of the initial NFT collection and features, see Rigel Protocol’s NFTs Story Book.

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