Mark Karpeles has announced the release of a commemorative NFT for Mt. Gox users

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Mark Karpeles has announced the release of a commemorative NFT for Mt. Gox users

Mark Karpeles has announced the release of a commemorative NFT for Mt. Gox users
1648556254 29 Mar / 12:17

“Owning a Mt. Gox NFT proves you’re OG... you were there in the early days of Bitcoin, and now you can prove it on the blockchain," is written in the whitepaper. Certain customers will be eligible to receive commemorative nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, according to the former CEO of the now-defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox.

Mark Karpelès announced on Twitter on Monday that cryptocurrency users who were Mt. Gox customers between 2010 and 2014 — when the exchange was hacked and declared bankrupt — could register for a free NFT. Users that held a balance or reported losses from the collapsed exchange are eligible for the offer, according to the CEO.

“Mt. Gox customers are early adopters, some of them were on BitcoinTalk when Satoshi Nakamoto was still posting. A new token or NFT airdrop is a great way to engage users and at the same time erase a bit of the loss incurred in Mt. Gox.”

Users of Mt. Gox must prove they were customers of the exchange when they registered their accounts before February 25, 2014. The NFTs will be ERC-721 compliant, issued on the Polygon blockchain, and recognized by users’ Mt. Gox account numbers as well as their residual Bitcoin (BTC) and Japanese yen balances — though the latter is optional.

“A hardcoded limit will prevent any NFT from being created outside the range of Mt. Gox accounts. This minting method will not have owner-only limitation, but instead will require an externally signed token to be issued to users who have completed verification.”

Mt. Gox was previously one of the world’s largest exchanges, having been founded in 2010 by programmer Jed McCaleb and later owned by Karpelès. Thousands of crypto holders were left out of pocket after a 2011 breach resulted in the loss of 850,000 BTC — $460 million at the time and about $40 billion at the time of writing — as well as the exchange’s collapse.

Mt. Gox’s trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, has been working for years to compensate the exchange’s creditors, declaring in November 2021 that a rehabilitation plan filed in Tokyo District Court has become “final and binding.” The NFTs, on the other hand, are “completely independent” from the Mt. Gox bankruptcy case and “100% self-funded,” according to the celebratory NFT website.

Despite the fact that the recently announced NFTs appear to be the only “official” ones to emerge from the Mt. Gox debacle, some cryptocurrency users have been latching onto the controversies surrounding the exchange’s hack and insolvency since 2014. One of the cards in the blockchain-based trading card game Spells of Genesis parodies a photo of crypto trader Kolin Burges demonstrating outside the exchange’s Tokyo headquarters in 2014 with a sign demanding “Where is our money?” In 2015, the game released 700 “Gox, the Fallen Mountainlord” cards.

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