Ethereum Merge and Google

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Google gets in on Ethereum – Combine excitement with a clever Easter egg

Ethereum Merge and Google
Ethereum Merge and Google / Image Credit: CRYPKYP
1662969987 12 Sep / 08:06

As a statement of support for the upcoming Ethereum Merge, the tech giant Google has introduced a new countdown meter to display the remaining time till the update.

Suppose you type any variant of "Ethereum Merge" or "The Merge" into a search engine. In that case, you will be presented with a countdown timer that estimates the remaining time until the Merge based on the current difficulty, hash rate, and merges difficulty.

As the Merge date approaches, a cartoon of two joyful pandas racing toward each other with their palms outstretched is meant to grow closer.

Sam Padilla, a Google Cloud developer, tweeted on September 9 that the timer was a “fun little surprise” and a chance to express thanks for “the labor that has gone into this for years.”

He stated that the work was completed by Google’s search and labs team but acknowledged that he “kicked off” the conversation that led to the implementation of the timer.

Padilla noted in the same article that the timer is directly connected to the blockchain and updates the countdown in real time, stating:

Some of the nodes we operate extract the underlying data from the blockchain.

“But you didn’t hear that from me,” he said sarcastically, alluding to the possibility that pandas are getting closer as the Merge date is near.

Google is forming a Web3 team under Google Cloud on May 6. The corporation is becoming more active in the crypto area.

However, Google developers are not the only ones closely observing the Merge.

Recent Google search data reveals that searches for the keyword “Ethereum Merge” achieved a score greater than 50 several times in the previous 30 days, with a peak of 100 on September 3.

100 indicates “peak popularity” for the word, while a value of 50 means “half as popular.” A score of 0 indicates that there were insufficient data for that day.

According to a new survey by CoinGecko, Singapore is the nation most interested in the forthcoming Ethereum Merge, followed by Switzerland, Canada, Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands.

The rankings were calculated by assessing the frequency of 10 search phrases, such as “Ethereum Merge,” “ETH Merge,” and “Ethereum PoW,” and aggregating the results for an overall rating.

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