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Gamers seek enjoyment, not a token-collecting grind, according to Animoca division

On-chain Gaming
On-chain Gaming / Image Credit: CRYPKYP
1663322493 16 Sep / 10:01

An Animoca Brand-owned blockchain game developer told Cointelegraph that blockchain-based games should devote more attention to really being "fun to play" instead of creating fancy tokenomics.

Luke Sillay, the main community manager at Australian game developer Blowfish Studios, told Cointelegraph on the first day of the 2022 Tokyo Games Show that far too many blockchain games have prioritized in-game prizes and tokenomics above gameplay.

"It is evident from many previous blockchain games that they are not enjoyable to play. Yes, you can earn a considerable quantity of tokens and often receive a high return on investment. But in general, they're not very entertaining, right?"

According to Sillay, many of these games offer rudimentary playing modes that focus on money rather than pure enjoyment and have thus failed to capture the interest of conventional gamers.

DappRadar data indicates that Gameta, Alien Worlds, and Solitaire Blitz are the most popular blockchain games in terms of active users over the previous 30 days, with one million, 814,000, and 652,760 users, respectively. The numbers indicate a large level of interest in the games, but they pale in contrast to those of conventional games.

Sillay stated that games should be primarily “pleasant to play” and visually appealing, stating:

“Our philosophy is that if it’s enjoyable to play and visually appealing, people will want to play it.”

Animoca Brands purchased the Australian video game company Blowfish Studios for around $6.6 million in July 2021. As part of the purchase, Animoca has helped Blowfish transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming, with the NFT game Phantom Galaxies (now in beta) serving as the company’s primary emphasis.

In response to a question on the types of games that might work best with nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and play-to-earn (P2E) integration, Sillay mentioned free-to-play titans such as Riot’s League of Legends and Epic Games’ Fortnite, both of which have internal marketplaces.

He said these sorts of games typically acquire devoted followers since they are enjoyable to play and constantly updated and enhanced. This results in players who play for numerous years and are willing to spend money on things like new character skins.

“Like League of Legends and Fortnite, with your skins and such […].” If you can play and love something for a very long period but then abandon it after only a year or two, there’s not much to show. But if you do it via blockchain, you might sell all of your acquired assets,” he stated.

Sillay said that there are obstacles to entry in blockchain games that may discourage certain players and that if the onboarding process can be refined, this might attract new users.

“It’s a hard task to learn about this new technology, building a wallet, etc., and there are so many terms in blockchains that have entirely different meanings,” he added.

Phantom Galaxies is an open-world mecha-robot shooting game with an estimated early access debut in the fourth quarter of 2022. According to OpenSea, its in-game NFTs are already in high demand, with over 517,000 owners of its Origin Collection. In May, the project also finalized a private NFT sale for an estimated $19.3 million.

At present, Phantom Galaxies takes only one NFT to get started, making participation a rather simple procedure.

“The remainder is now almost identical to a typical game,” Sillay explained.

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