Parents want Crypto Tought in School

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According to a survey, 64% of parents in the US who are familiar with blockchain want cryptocurrency to be taught in schools

Parents want Crypto Tought in School
Parents want Crypto Tought in School / Image Credit: CRYPKYP
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According to the report, crypto-educated American parents are already investing an average of $766 in their children's extracurricular crypto education.

For pupils to "learn about the future of our economy," crypto should be taught in schools, according to more than two-thirds of American parents and college graduates who have knowledge of or engagement in the field.

According to a recently released survey from the online learning platform, 64% of parents and 67% of college graduates agreed that cryptocurrency should be covered in school curricula.

However, only about 40% of respondents from each group agreed that courses on the blockchain, the Metaverse, and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) should be included in the curriculum.

Parents and college graduates were checked to ensure they had a sufficient degree of comprehension of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the Metaverse before they were allowed to participate in the poll. Anyone who didn’t grasp the issues was disqualified from participation. 884 American parents and 210 American college graduates participated in the poll.

The findings coincide with rising interest in and use of cryptocurrencies in the US. Pew Research Center reports that 16% of Americans have ever invested in or traded cryptocurrencies, and around 88% have at least heard of cryptocurrencies.

According to the survey, parents and college graduates who have invested in cryptocurrencies will likely make financial contributions to their children’s education. Over three-quarters of parents who hodl cryptocurrencies make an average contribution of $766, while over three-quarters of graduates who have invested in cryptocurrencies spend an average of $1,086 on education.

Several American universities have started offering beginning courses on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications, including Arizona State University and the University of Connecticut. According to Connecticut professor Marianne Lewis, the 14-week elective course at her university is intended to teach students “how to manage cryptocurrencies and how such digital assets affect our economy.”

Prestigious universities like Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have started to offer such courses.

The study also revealed that both groups said that understanding “the future of our economy” and ways to “diversify investments,” “create chances,” and “build an investing mind” were most crucial.

CEO of TZ APAC Colin Miles suggested that cryptocurrency might be included in secondary and higher education curricula within three to five years in an interview with Cointelegraph in May. He said:

“Overall, this tendency will continue because the Web3 environment will produce a lot of fascinating new occupations. Therefore, educational institutions must assist in preparing their student cohorts for this crucial change.

The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, also advocated for local schools to use blockchain technology and digital assets in an interview last year:

“We must open our schools to teach this new way of thinking and [blockchain] technology.”

You can find the full report of the study at the following address:

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