Theta Network

Theta Network

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66,175 THETA
Market Cap
$959.65 M

Theta is software that seeks to incentivize a worldwide network of computer systems to function as a decentralized video streaming platform. Nowadays, content delivery networks (CDNs), geographically placed networks of operators, are paid to supply video stream content to end customers. Because of being limited via their places, present CDNs can’t maintain up with an increasing number of high-quality streams.

Theta permits its international pool of users to relay videos by providing their spare bandwidth and computing assets and rewards them. As extra users join the Theta network, greater bandwidth is available, thus enhancing the streaming quality of the videos in the community.

Primary to running the operations on its blockchain, Theta boasts two natives cryptocurrencies, THETA coin, for voting on modifications to the protocol, and TFUEL, for executing transactions.

Theta is also open-supply software, and it claims that this raises the ability for everyone to create new applications and services on top of it.

Theta is a network powered via three companies of participants:

  • Company Validator Nodes – companies who stake THETA tokens for the proper process transactions in the community. Current Validator Nodes encompass Google and Samsung.
  • Guardian Nodes – customers who perform work to ensure that the transaction blocks proposed by the organization Validator Nodes are correct.
  • Edge Node – users who share their bandwidth or relay video streams over the Theta network in return for TFUEL.

The Theta network additionally permits builders to construct decentralized applications on the pinnacle of its blockchain. Examples consist of royalty distribution programs and crowdfunding mechanisms.

Theta network customers can download a legit Theta wallet app to keep or stake their THETA and TFUEL tokens.

Theta also has constructed a micropayment system for video streaming functions that let content viewers and creators send and receive THETA through the official wallet app.