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~10% salary
25,39 okb
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Market Cap
5,25 B $

OKB token is the native OKX exchange token and an Ethereum-based application token (ERC-20), used to settle fees and participate in token-listing polls, deposits of proven merchants, and rewards. It permits users to keep up to 40% on trading fees, get passive profits with OKX Earn, and participate in Jumpstart token sales of crypto initiatives.

Earn offers multiple selections of investment services, consisting of merchandise of crypto value-added, staking, loan-invest, and DeFi services (third parties).

OKX Jumpstart is a platform that allows new initiatives to launch and grows their communities. Jumpstart customers can be part of campaigns by staking their OKB and receiving tokens from new projects based on their staked quantities. Unlike buying tokens in offerings, getting them through Jumpstart is like liquidity mining because customers get all their staked assets after the campaign ends. Every task on OKX Jumpstart begins with its rules and details, including total tokens available, minimum and maximum stakes, etc.

Jumpstart lists initiatives for a restrained time, permitting customers to stake OKB and obtain tokens issued by those projects. Tasks and staking sessions have different periods: available staking assets, sessions, and general staking limits, in addition to lock-up periods. Usually, you can stake and unstake your OKB whenever and get rewards. Projects with lock-up durations don’t distribute dividends till these periods end. The extra OKB you bet, the more tokens you can receive. All OKX Jumpstart campaigns are introduced in advance of time so customers can prepare for the launch. But first, create your account or log in if you already have one. You have to complete photo verification to take part in Jumpstart campaigns. Once logged in, click “Finance” in the top menu and choose Jumpstart.

OKB is issued via the OK Blockchain Foundation. OKX group limits the entire OKB supply to 300 million and burns tokens to hold the price high.