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NEAR is an easy, scalable, and secure blockchain platform designed to offer the best possible experience for developers and customers, which is necessary to bridge the gap to the mass adoption of decentralized applications.

NEAR is carbon impartial as licensed by the South Pole

In contrast to other blockchains, this community has been constructed from the ground up to be the easiest for developers and their end customers while still presenting the scalability essential to serve those users. If you are only used to building with traditional web or app concepts, NEAR is created to make it easier to build decentralized applications. Onboard customers with a smooth experience, although they have never used crypto, tokens, keys, wallets, or other blockchain artifacts. Scale your application seamlessly – the underlying platform routinely expands capacity through sharding without extra costs or effort on your component.

NEAR has a spread of use instances like a native token of the NEAR blockchain:

  • All transactions which rise on the near blockchain must be paid for using NEAR. Due to the proof-of-stake (PoS) and scalable nature of the chain, these transaction prices are frequently low.
    Staking – fundamental to PoS ecosystems, may be delegated to validators (staked) to earn NEAR rewards.
  • To become a validator at the NEAR blockchain minimal quantity of NEAR is needed.
  • Those constructing at the near ecosystem can, and have, chosen to leverage the NEAR token in numerous methods increasing utility.

You could have heard of allotted computing, databases, or computer networks, which play a position in blockchains.

Most web services utilize a single server and a single database to process your request and provide data. This infrastructure is controlled by an individual entity that treats all their data processing like a black box: the demand goes in, something happens, and the consumer gets an output.

The user will never be able to verify what happened in the black box, while the company may rely on third parties to verify those claims. This system relies on trust between consumers and companies.

NEAR is similar in principle to the “cloud-based” infrastructure developers currently build applications on top of it. Except for this, the cloud is not controlled by a single company running a giant data center — that data center is made up of all the people around the world operating nodes on the decentralized community.