38,49 $
~10% salary
13,77 comp
comp vs US
0 %
Market Cap
263,96 M $

The Compound Protocol is a set of Ethereum smart contracts that allow software builders to interface with cryptocurrency money markets. Intending to supply or borrow assets from the protocol, you must write to the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is a public network of decentralized nodes that systematize transactions and append them to an ever-developing ledger, which is called the blockchain. Developers can write software programs known as smart contracts hosted on the Ethereum network. Each person with access to Ethereum can invoke write and read operations to and from the blockchain.

That allows you to create software for Ethereum and engage with Compound’s smart contracts. It would help if you had access points to the community, a little knowledge of smart contract structure, and some information on JSON RPC. The Compound Protocol is an exempt and open financial infrastructure running on the Ethereum blockchain. Anybody with a future imaginative and prescient of the protocol can recommend a development by writing code.