Leemon Baird

Leemon Baird

United StatesUnited States
‘67 / 55 Y.O.
Years Present
2010 - now
Net worth
1,00 M $

Hedera Hashgraph is the simplest public allotted ledger based on the Hashgraph algorithm. Hedera Hashgraph is developed by an enterprise of the identical name, Hedera, primarily based in Dallas, Texas. Hedera was created by Hashgraph inventor Leemon Baird and his business partner Mance Harmon and has a unique license to the Hashgraph patents held by their organization, Swirlds.

Hedera is owned and controlled by a “governing council” of worldwide companies and entities. The council’s participants encompass Swirlds, as well as Google, Boeing, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, LG, Tata Communications, Électricité de France, FIS, University College London, London Faculty of Economics, DLA Piper, Shinhan Bank, popular financial institutions, ServiceNow, Ubisoft, and several others.

The Hedera Governing Council has voted to buy the patent rights to Hashgraph and make the set of rules open source beneath the Apache License in 2022.

Leemon is the inventor of the hashgraph allotted consensus algorithm and is the Co-founder and leader Scientist of Hedera. With over twenty years of technology and startup revel in, he has held positions as a Profesor of computer technology at the USA Air Force Academy and as a senior scientist in several labs. He has been the Co-founder of numerous startups, such as identity-related startups, both of which were received. Leemon obtained his Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University and has a couple of patents and publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences in computer protection, machine learning, and mathematics.

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