Konstantin Lomashuk

Konstantin Lomashuk

Russian FederationRussian Federation
‘87 Feb 06 / 35 Y.O.
Years Present
2017 - now
Net worth
5,00 M $

Konstantin is a Founder and CEO of Satoshi Fund, a Blockchain funding Fund with an established track record in the developing disruptive blockchain market. Besides, Konstantin created, a media blockchain platform, and Lido Staked Ether (STETH).

“There are a variety of decisions going through the DAO, even small ones, like to onboard a new validator or stake to extra belongings on that validator. Large selections [also go through the DAO], as an instance, redistributing Lido tokens or including a few incentives to the tokens,” Lomashuk stated.

The DAO shape was important for Lido to obtain product-market match as it was the only way the organization could construct trust among its network, according to Lomashuk. Executives of the organization formally report to the DAO itself rather than to a particular company manager or leader, and he delivered.

Around 60 people work complete-time on Lido, though the venture has closer to a hundred participants overall, including part-timers, Lomashuk said.

Andreessen Horowitz invested in Lido in part using ETH, buying up some of Lido’s governance tokens from different holders, Lomashuk stated. Alongside backing Lido, the mission firm additionally staked crypto holding on the Lido platform, in keeping with the company.

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