Kain Warwick

Kain Warwick

Kain Warwick

Kain Warwick

‘78 / 45 Y.O.
Years Present
2014 - now
Net worth
650.00 M $

The Synthetix Foundation, originally governed by Synthetix, was created in Australia as a not-for-profit foundation. In 2020 control was shifted to three autonomous decentralized firms (or DAOs).

The founder of Synthetix is Kain Warwick, who is currently leading the team for its future development.

He has experience building cryptocurrency payment platforms in Australia, the biggest being Blueshyft, and he was the non-executive director there.

Warwick was also an Advisory Council Member of Blockchain Australia and the Advisory Board Member at The Burger Collective.

Synthetix was originally founded as Havven and raised $30m in early 2018 through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the sale of its native token SNX from major crypto funds.

Two other prominent members of the Synthetix core team are Clinton Ennis and Justin Moses.

Justin Moses is the CTO at Synthetix and has been with the project since the beginning. Before joining Synthetix, Moses was the Director of Engineering at MongoDB. He has extensive experience with large-scale systems, specializing in design and deployment.

Synthetix’s Senior Architect, Clint Ennis, has over 18 years of experience in software engineering. Coming from traditional finance, Ennis used to work as an Architect Lead at JPMorgan Chase.

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