Esteban Ordano

Esteban Ordano

‘91 / 31 Y.O.
Years Present
2015 - now
Net worth
40,00 M $

Esteban Ordano is a software engineer who co-based Decentraland with Ari Meilich, who moved on to discover Big Time Studios in April 2020. Ordano held the position as Decentraland’s leader technology officer, although he later stepped back to a more advisory function after the platform became a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Meilich additionally holds an advisory role in the venture despite his departure. Meilich and Ordano are Argentinian software developers with various backgrounds in the crypto area.

Ordano went to school at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires engineering college and worked as an engineering intern at Google for a short duration before beginning at BitPay. Ordano also helped construct some Bitcoin-associated products. Meilich studied neuroscience and economics at new york university and used Bitcoin to run his outsourcing enterprise in college, which struggled because of the country’s strict legal guidelines. This usage uncovered him to the ‘freedom’ provided by blockchain technology, which inspired him to enroll in Voltaire, a ‘hacker house’ in Buenos Aires. Meilich and Ordano met at Voltaire earlier than getting collectively to begin Decentraland.

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