David Schwartz

David Schwartz

United StatesUnited States
‘70 / 52 Y.O.
Years Present
2012 - now
Net worth
90,00 M $

David Schwartz is the leading technology Officer at Ripple. David is one of the authentic architects of the XRP Ledger. Before joining Ripple, David Schwartz was the technical officer for WebMaster Integrated, a Santa Clara software developer.

At age 48, Schwartz is the Gandalfesque wizard of San Francisco’s Ripple and co-author of the third-most-treasured cryptocurrency, XRP. As the organization’s newly appointed leader technology officer, Schwartz is on a project to dismantle and reassemble one of the most significant gateways on earth—the only one that connects almost every bank in the global so that trillions of dollars can circulate from account to account.

In brief, Schwartz desires to disrupt SWIFT. The Society for global Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a Belgian cooperative company, based in 1973, counts more than 10,000 financial establishments as its participants and is the final middleman in banking. Let’s say you need to switch $5,000 from your account at JPMorgan Chase to your cousin in l.a. Paz, Bolivia.

In a generation when secure emails are transmitted right away, and the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains flow millions in minutes, most global money transfers take at least three days to settle, with opaque and varied charges.

Beneath Schwartz’s technical management, Ripple would like to carry international cash transfers into the 21st century.

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