Daniele Sestagalli

Daniele Sestagalli

Daniele Sestagalli

Daniele Sestagalli

Years Present
2011 - now
Net worth
50,00 M $

Daniele Sestagalli has been inside the blockchain enterprise for a long time. He has expressed in numerous interviews that he began with Bitcoin already in 2011. We don’t know a lot about him. However, he showed up in the enterprise in 2018 with his venture named the Zulu Republic. He speaks Italian, Spanish, and English in line with his LinkedIn profile. However, the common consensus tells us Daniele himself comes from Italy.

Through the start of 2021, it appears as if Sestagalli was busy operating with a version for the music enterprise that could assist the artists and the enterprise itself. The intention was to create a blockchain framework for anybody running in music. It was to help artists with copyright safety, how they could earn cash in a less complicated way, and take the blockchain enterprise to revolutionize the music industry. However, suddenly, the world appears to have turned the wrong way up, and Daniele indicates up with three products that turn things upside down in the blockchain enterprise.

Popsicle Finance, Abracadabra, Wonderland (2021)

Most likely, you are reading this post because of one of these initiatives, or maybe all three of them.

First and foremost, he risks his reputation. Daniele Sestagalli may not be a blockchain star, but he soon will be. Not just because of the success of his work, but also as a leader in the “Frog-Nation” and for the Twitter hashtag #OccopyDefi, he is receiving a great deal of attention. While the leaders of the other OHM branches maintain their anonymity, Daniele Sestagalli risks his reputation by revealing himself. This is a courageous gesture, but it also holds him accountable if something goes wrong.

Actually, something did go wrong with Popsicle Finance. At the start of August 2021, more than $25,000,000 worth of tokens were stolen from the Popsicle Finance platform. This significant hack caused the price of the $ICE token to plummet. How did this damage Sestagalli’s reputation?

Instead of hiding, they worked diligently to resolve the issue, and the stolen tokens were “financed” and returned to the breach victims.

It should also be noted that Popsicle Finance was audited, just like the majority of Defi projects, which suggests that the same thing may happen to any other project in the market (that is deemed to be secure).

He is a highly active Twitter user. Sestagalli tweets throughout the day. How can he oversee many successful initiatives if he spends all day tweeting? It is vital to note that Daniele is not the company’s primary programmer; instead, he is its visible leader and prominent personality. He frequently engages in Twitter discussions with anyone, and he may occasionally appear nasty (check the image below). In other words, he is not a conventional CEO who speaks formally and wears a suit and tie. Is this a positive or negative statement?

Daniele also appears in an increasing number of internet interviews, which means you can find him in videos and interviews on YouTube.

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