Craig Sellars

Craig Sellars

United StatesUnited States
‘75 / 47 Y.O.
Years Present
2012 - now
Net worth
700,00 M $

Craig Sellars leads the development of worldwide blockchain innovations. As the inventor of the stablecoin, the virtual US dollar on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, as a founder of Tether, the world’s most extensively traded cryptocurrency (now appearing as a simple guide since his departure in 2016), the NFT with Eric Pulier at vAtomic Systems, and as the leader Technologist of Bitcoin’s Omni Layer, a protocol which helps the introduction, movement, and trade of digital assets. His current development consciousness is at the creation of open-source, decentralized identification protocols and applications.

He acts in a selection of roles as Co-Founder, Technologist, Facilitator, Director, Diplomat, and guide for several blockchain initiatives, companies, and agencies, including the Omni foundation, Tether, Bitfinex, vAtomic Systems, BlockV, Polymath, Unsung, and Tau Chain. Occupying numerous entrepreneurial and C-level executive roles during the last two decades, Craig continues to push the limits in cutting-edge technology, decentralized structures, and software development.

With a diploma in PC Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and years of revel in founding and leading public and privately-held era ventures, Mr. Sellars is a unique pro executive technologist and thought chief presenting insight into the future of decentralized applications.

As the prominent Technologist, he’s chargeable for ensuring the powerful and efficient creation and delivery of the technologies that power corporation initiatives and empower the teams and the network.

Mr. Sellars has been a technologist for his whole professional career. His consciousness is at the development of people and technologies had to make specific innovations and achievements, emphasizing interoperability, usability, flexibility, and access.

Specialties: decentralized structures, blockchains, structure, governance and system, govt training, crew constructing, information glide and frameworks, human-pc interaction, person interfaces, software, and design layout and engineering, supplier and supplier references, and relationships, studies and improvement, and inner and external-going through structures.

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