Arthur Madrid

Arthur Madrid

‘77 / 45 Y.O.
Years Present
2012 - now
Net worth
50,00 M $

The Sandbox was founded by Arthur Madrid, the company’s CEO, and Sébastien Borget, the COO.

Arthur Madrid is also a founder and CEO of Wixi is (or more accurately – was) a web-based social media network where users interact by privately sharing media content, including photos, audio, and video.

His web career began in 2000 as the founder of 1-Click Media (acquired by Ipercast in 2007), a peer-to-peer video delivery software for television networks. Arthur expanded the product’s reach to serve many top European Video-On-Demand Web sites. The 1-Click plug-in is used by more than one million people globally to speed downloads and significantly decrease bandwidth costs.

Arthur Madrid has two current jobs as Chief Executive Officer at The Sandbox and CEO and co-Founder at Pixowl.

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